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Lattice Sound Equipment Center

From Yesteryear – Really “Cool” Shelf Plans

When I saw this little set of shelf plans, I was excited because it is not only simple to build, but when finished, it is quite an accent piece for an informal living area, the college dorm, or a teen’s bedroom.  This picture is a bit nostalgic for me because I haven’t seen a phonograph turntable in a long time, but we’re still putting sound equipment up on shelves .  Sound equipment modules are still just about the size, only today they play CDs, DVDs, and Digital Music files from a memory card.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this simple woodworking project.   Buy one 4’ X 8’ sheet of half-inch plywood which you will later cut into the shelving pieces.  Other lumber you’ll be required to get will be 2,  8 foot 2 X 4’s, one 8 foot 1 X 3 board, and a 1 x 1 inch board to use as corner braces for each shelf.  You’ll also need 1/8-inch steel cable, crimp bands (4 for each shelf), wood veneer tape, and either contact cement or would putty and your choice of wood finish.

Stereo Equipment Center, simple shelf plans, woodworking project, accent piece, wood finish

Simple Shelf Plans For Stereo Equipment

As you can see from the picture, this is a really attractive designer type shelf with a very functional use. Your ultimate success with this particular project is really due to just a few things. Actually these are the basic things which generally make a big difference in every woodworking project you ever build. It is very important to choose the best wood you can find when making your purchase.  Be sure to look closely at your lumber to make sure it is straight and that the wood itself is clean and clear.

After you are satisfied you’ve chosen the finest wood available, the most important job you will have is to ensure each of your lattice pieces are cut exactly the same length.   Then, as you attach the lattice pieces, be sure the space between each lattice never varies.   Finally, enhance the beauty of your wood with a light finish or whatever accent color of paint you would want to use.   Each room’s décor is different, but when done correctly, this unique shelf is a stunning accent piece.

Useful Designs and Beautiful Style in Barrister Bookcases


We can thank attorneys for the beautiful, sophisticated barrister bookcases. First introduced several centuries ago, these bookcases were

Originally designed to protect legal volumes from moisture and dust, today the glass door bookcases still do both, but have become a stylish addition to the home study.

For the Armchair Attorney A Barrister Bookcase

designed to keep heavy – and expensive – legal tomes from getting wet or damaged.  The style caught on, and today, barrister bookcases are a chic, and practical, accessory for the home.

What Is a Barrister Bookcase?

Barrister bookcases have doors that are attached to the front of the shelves to keep dust or humidity from ruining books.  This was their original purpose, and they are still quite useful.  They are, however, very much prized for their classical sense of style.  So a shelf with doors is a barrister bookcase?  No, it is a shelf with doors.  To be a barrister bookcase, the doors must hinge from the top.  This is a technical difference to be sure, that is original to the design.  You may find bookcases with shelves are exactly what you need.  Those who choose barristers, however, are usually looking for the combination of style and utility.

The first barrister cases were made so the user could take a particular case from room to room without removing all the books.  You will find designs today that are true to the original: they are self-contained and stackable.  The advantage is that they are easy to move and you can configure them in a number of ways.

Barrister cases come in all different styles, materials, and finishes today.  If you want the look of a traditional barrister, try to find an antique dealer or modern manufacturer who produces replicas.  You can also build your own if you have a good set of shelf plans.  In any case, you will love the look and versatility of these great bookcases.

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Getting Started Making Shelves

wooden shelf, beginner bookcase, shelf plans, classic shelf plans

Beginner Bookcase Plan

Hope you enjoy the recently added, exploded view of just one of the various sets of shelf plans and other projects we have available for the woodworker. As large as the internet has become, is amazing it is so hard to find a good selection of wood working plans, especially for shelves. One of the reasons we started Shelf Plans, the web site, was to add to the choices available.

Whenever a woodworking project is contemplated and when plans are necessary, those plans should contain not only how the parts are assembled, but also, the tools needed as well as the type(s) of wood best suited for the project.

You will find as an amateur or a professional the quality of the shelf plans you use will be a determining factor in the outcome of your shelf making project.  Your shelf plans should include a fair amount of additional information, but if they don’t you will find sites like ours that will be able to fill in the gaps.  Additionally, on the internet there are woodworking community forums and chat rooms where you can also supplement your knowledge.

What should you expect to find in quality shelf plans?  Obviously, the step-by-step process you go through to complete the assembly of the parts is foremost.  However, before you buy and plans, be sure to verify that the tools required to complete the projects are listed as well as recommendations as to the type of wood best suited for the shelves.

book shelf plans, bookcase plans, classic bookcase plans

Classic Bookcase Plans – Great for Beginning Shelf Plans

Hardwood Bookshelf Plan

This simple bookshelf plan will make your first furniture project an object of real pride.  For this project, you will choose the wood of your choice, cherry for something darker or maybe a light oak for a lighter wood.  This bookcase will be all wood and nothing less.

You may find cherry to be the easier wood to work with and to stain, but the oak will serve you well too.  Generally is easiest for the finest finish to cut all of your bookcase pieces, and to stain them before assembly.   This would include all router work and scroll work as well as  any screw holes you might need at the joints.  Do counter-sink the screw holes, then either plug or putty over the screw heads later and carefully stain the plug or the putty.

As to the tools you’ll find most useful, they would be a power drill, a circular saw with a sharp blade, a router, and a scroll saw.  In the absence of a scroll saw, this project can be done with a jig saw or a good hand saw and a coping saw.

The curves will require this and looking closely you’ll see the tops of both side pieces, and the decorative support across the front all have curves.  In addition, you’ll also note the support across the front at the bottom also has a curved and decorative look.

To complete the tools and supplies you’ll also need wood screws, sand paper, wood glue, stain, brushes, and mineral spirits.  Oh, one more major detail will be getting your plans.  Take a moment and learn more by following this link, shelf plans.

Have the confidence to dive into, what will be a great project, but only with quality shelf plans that will guide you completely, step-by-step, including lists of exactly what you will need to build the design you choose.

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