Shelf Plans for a Plate Shelf


Every home, no matter what size, battles clutter. The tops of

Classic plate shelf having three shelves each with grooves to hold plates upright for a beautiful display and ease of reach.

Rich Cherry Wood Artisan Plate Shelves

counters, bookshelves, tables, and other surfaces often get crowded with debris from our days – whether spare change or junk mail.  This can leave these surfaces as an unattractive place to display fine china or collectibles.  You want to show them off – not store them away or bury them in clutter. Plate shelves can help.

A plate shelf is fairly self-explanatory: it is just a flat shelf that can be used for display; often they are made with a rail to keep plates and other collectibles more secure.  These are often seen in kitchens

An excerpt from a set of plate shelf plans showing where the router should pass to create the groove in the shelf for the plate to stand upright.

Illustration from Set of Shelf Plans

and dining rooms, but they can be useful in virtually any room.  These

shelves are among the easiest to build.  You can find great shelf plans that take you through each step and require only a length of 1×10 pine or oak, a length of 1×8, 3/4 inch half round molding, wood pegs or brass hooks, screws, wood glue, finish nails, and finish or paint.  Within an afternoon, you can be done constructing your shelf.  Your plates, mugs, or collectibles can be displayed as soon as your finish or paint (if any) is dry.

Making your own plate shelves from a set of shelf plans requires you to

Bright melon painted accent wall houses two single decorative plate shelves on which plates are handsomely displayed against the backdrop of the solid brightly colored background.

Decorative Plate Shelves on Accent Wall

measure – easy enough – and cut boards to the required length.  You will

also have to know how to use a rotary saw to cut the groove in the shelf, design the shape of the brackets and cut them with a jig or saber saw, install molding, pegs, or hooks, if you want them, and sand your corners.  That’s it!

With a little time and effort, you can create the perfect storage and display solution for your home.

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