Many Options for Closet Shelves and Organizer Kits


For most of us, closet space is a luxury. That’s true whether you live in an old farmhouse or a small studio; making the most of every cubic inch

Hardwood in dark cherry makes this closet gorgeous and on top of that there is every imaginable built-in extra from dressers to full-length mirrors.

Completely Custom Closet

of this real estate is essential.  Good closet organizer and shelf plans can help.

Traditionally, closets have had a similar design: a simple wooden shelf and a pole for hanging clothes below that.  While this is useful, it may not be the best way to maximize your space most effectively.  Luckily, today, there are a host of creative organizers that help you utilize what you’ve got, from motorized garment racks to built-in shoe cubbies, you can customize your closet to suit your needs and lifestyle.

What are some of the options available to you?  The sky really is the limit, but you can find organizer kits and supplies, such as shelf dividers, cubbies, bins, baskets, specialized hangers for small items, like belts or ties, boxes, hooks, and much more.  Many of these organizational tools can be found right in your own house; we all have spare shoe boxes, for instance.  Put them to good use to store cosmetics, hair clips and ties, or other small items.

Next time you get a plastic takeout container, wash it thoroughly and use it for small items or toiletries. You can use a hanging shoe bag with compartments for shoes, but also for toiletries or craft supplies. What is great about closet organizers is that budget will not limit your choices – only your imagination, creativity, and ingenuity will.

Organizing your closet can help you find what you need faster and more efficiently, and who can doubt the psychological effects of a clutter-free home!  Create your own closet organizer and shelf plans: you will find that you have more space to work with than you may have thought.

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