The Fun of Tetris in a Bookshelf


Remember Tetris? This great game required a quick mind and good spatial skills.  Those of us who enjoy putting shapes together, seeing how they

Multi-colored contemporary tetris shelves containing numerous geometric designs from the tetris puzzle make up this shelf complex and is colorful insomuch as the various pieces have bright orange, blue, green, brown, and bright white  colored pieces.

Contemporary Tetris Shelves

fit, and solving a puzzle can appreciate today’s Tetris style bookshelves.

The greatest puzzle that many of us have to solve in terms of our home decor is where to fit everything.  When space is tight, we need a way to organized – but we also need to inject our own style and personality throughout our homes.  The brilliance of these decorative shelf plans is that they fulfill both needs beautifully.  What exactly are they?

Many designers have used Tetris as their inspiration. Taking the five shapes that are represented in the game, they have created large scale versions for you to enjoy.  These shelves can be configured and reconfigured in different ways, and it is fun to see the shapes that you can create.  But they’re useful, too!  The shelves are of varying sizes and shapes, so you can fit everything from books and DVDs to knick-knacks and electronics.  It can make a great display in itself and help you cut clutter and get your space

Complete Rectangular Block of the colorful contemporary shelves made from geametric shapes of the Tetris Puzzle.

Decorative Tetris Shelves


You could spend as much as $700 – and that’s for just one block! – on a Tetris bookshelf.  Buying a set would be a tremendous expense.  A great solution is to find decorative shelf plans and make your own.  These shelves are a bit more challenging to create than standard rectangular bookshelves, but it is very possible to make this into a DIY project that you can be proud of.

Tetris shelves allow you to make use of space vertically, horizontally, and however else you can figure out this puzzle.  Enjoy!

Which of These Decorative Wall Mounted Shelves Is Right For You?

If you have ever lived in a small space, you know that vertical space is every bit as important as floor space. Wall shelves are perfect for any room, from the pantry and garage to the living and bedrooms,

Beautiful, sculpted glass wall shelves fully adorned with knick-knacks, a variety of vases, and a clock

Sculpted Glass Wall Shelves

depending on the materials from which they are constructed.  Not only do they fill space up, rather than out, they can be used in those odd, narrow corners and spaces that seem to be part of any house.

What Type of Wall Mounted Shelves Are Right for You?

That depends on what you would like to store, as well as upon the look you’d like to create.  Beyond the basics of books, you can store CD’s and DVDs, food items, lamps, craft supplies, sculptures and knickknacks, plants, toiletries, office supplies, clothes, toys… and anything else that will fit within the shelves. They are well-suited for everyday objects that you need within easy reach, as well as for display items.  All of these shelves can be quite decorative and very useful, not to mention affordable if you make them yourself using shelf plans.

When you choose ready-to-install shelves with installer kits, you can get your shelf up and ready for action in no time.  What types of shelves are most common?

The Glass Shelf:

Glass shelves aren’t meant to carry the same type of loads as wood shelves, and they are generally reserved for bathrooms, as well as for decorative areas.  It is common to see glass shelves above bathroom sinks that offer easy access to toothbrushes and paste, hair supplies, cosmetics, and other essentials.  In a living room or bedroom, they may be used to hold photo frames, books, candles, or other light items.

The Corner Shelf:

These are great for those odd and underused spaces.  Corner shelves can fit into any corner and are useful throughout the house.  They are commonly used in the bathroom to clear clutter, and you’ll see multi-tiered corner shelves quite often.  These are great for any room and for a variety of objects, from stuffed animals and special toys to family photos.  They don’t detract from your floor space, and there’s less risk of bumping into them.

The Wood Shelf:

Classic and useful, wood shelves are a staple in most homes.  They fit perfectly in any room, and there is an endless variety of sizes and shapes.  From shabby chic country white to a refined cherry or oak, wood wall shelves are ideal for everything from photos and books to utility items and food.

The Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are another great choice for any room.  They don’t float, but they appear to as they are secured to the wall with hardware that is

Ornate and decorative wood corner shelf with intricate cut out scroll designs and having 2 shelves.

Ornate Decorative Corner Shelf

hidden from view.  These help you use your wall space vertically without

taking up space on the floor.  Perfect decoration when wall space is tight or for small toys in a kid’s room where these are very useful and can be beautiful.

All of these decorative ideas may sound expensive, but you will find you can save considerably if you buy shelf plans and make these simple shelves yourself.  Wall mounted shelves are often unsuited for very heavy items because they tend to have relatively weak frames.  But unless you’re storing 50 pound weights, you will find these shelves useful all over the house.

floating shelves, invisible shelf, modern shelf, contemporary shelf

Look Ma, No Shelf Plans, No Shelf…. Really?


Conceal INVISIBLE BOOKSHELF floating book shelf lg.Keep your home looking stylishly organized with this incredible metal bookshelf. Stacks books against your wall for a futuristic, gravity-defying look. Simply slide the shelf between the back cover of one book, stack the rest on top to completely cover, and VOILA you’ve got an invisible bookshelf.

Holds up to 20 lb (9 kg). 10″ max book depth. Hardware for mounting is included. Recommended that you screw directly into a stud.

Made of durable powder coated steel in a sleek, silver finish. Shelf measures approximately 7″W x 5.5″H x 6.5″D.

Price: $ 19.99

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