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Intricately Carved Vase Shelf

West Virginia Business Built on Hard Work and Good Plans


Beth and David Rheuark are living proof of how great plans can come to fruition.  This West Virginia couple turned shelf plans and other wood working projects into a thriving local business.  Like the best book shelves, this couple is sturdy, reliable, and strong.

The Rhuearks’s shop, Hillbilly Woodworks, features handmade cedar chests, decorative shelves, benches, custom cabinets, and much more.  Owning a retail shop had been a longtime dream of the couple.

Wood Profits BannerThey made it a reality when David returned from a military hospital after suffering an injury in the second Gulf War.  A veteran of both wars, David, and his wife, Beth, decided that there was no time like the present to start working on their goal.

Just like you would follow a set of well-drafted shelf plans, Beth and David followed their plans, which included fixing up a dilapidated old building and turning it into a shop worthy of their great handiwork.  When they first saw the location, Beth thought it was a little beyond help, but David was able to see the end product, as well as each step in the process to help it become what they wanted.  With as much care and attention as they put into each of their decorative shelves, cabinets, and chests, the Rhuearks transformed this rundown store into a beautiful shop.

The meticulous attention to detail and passion that the best woodworkers bring to their craft is exactly the qualities that helped David and Beth achieve a lifelong dream.  The lesson for all of us?  Whether our goal is to build a gorgeous set of decorative shelves or to scale Mount Everest, we have to start with a good set of plans.  From there, we can make anything possible if we go step by step and keep working.

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Lattice Sound Equipment Center

From Yesteryear – Really “Cool” Shelf Plans

When I saw this little set of shelf plans, I was excited because it is not only simple to build, but when finished, it is quite an accent piece for an informal living area, the college dorm, or a teen’s bedroom.  This picture is a bit nostalgic for me because I haven’t seen a phonograph turntable in a long time, but we’re still putting sound equipment up on shelves .  Sound equipment modules are still just about the size, only today they play CDs, DVDs, and Digital Music files from a memory card.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this simple woodworking project.   Buy one 4’ X 8’ sheet of half-inch plywood which you will later cut into the shelving pieces.  Other lumber you’ll be required to get will be 2,  8 foot 2 X 4’s, one 8 foot 1 X 3 board, and a 1 x 1 inch board to use as corner braces for each shelf.  You’ll also need 1/8-inch steel cable, crimp bands (4 for each shelf), wood veneer tape, and either contact cement or would putty and your choice of wood finish.

Stereo Equipment Center, simple shelf plans, woodworking project, accent piece, wood finish

Simple Shelf Plans For Stereo Equipment

As you can see from the picture, this is a really attractive designer type shelf with a very functional use. Your ultimate success with this particular project is really due to just a few things. Actually these are the basic things which generally make a big difference in every woodworking project you ever build. It is very important to choose the best wood you can find when making your purchase.  Be sure to look closely at your lumber to make sure it is straight and that the wood itself is clean and clear.

After you are satisfied you’ve chosen the finest wood available, the most important job you will have is to ensure each of your lattice pieces are cut exactly the same length.   Then, as you attach the lattice pieces, be sure the space between each lattice never varies.   Finally, enhance the beauty of your wood with a light finish or whatever accent color of paint you would want to use.   Each room’s décor is different, but when done correctly, this unique shelf is a stunning accent piece.

The Fun of Tetris in a Bookshelf


Remember Tetris? This great game required a quick mind and good spatial skills.  Those of us who enjoy putting shapes together, seeing how they

Multi-colored contemporary tetris shelves containing numerous geometric designs from the tetris puzzle make up this shelf complex and is colorful insomuch as the various pieces have bright orange, blue, green, brown, and bright white  colored pieces.

Contemporary Tetris Shelves

fit, and solving a puzzle can appreciate today’s Tetris style bookshelves.

The greatest puzzle that many of us have to solve in terms of our home decor is where to fit everything.  When space is tight, we need a way to organized – but we also need to inject our own style and personality throughout our homes.  The brilliance of these decorative shelf plans is that they fulfill both needs beautifully.  What exactly are they?

Many designers have used Tetris as their inspiration. Taking the five shapes that are represented in the game, they have created large scale versions for you to enjoy.  These shelves can be configured and reconfigured in different ways, and it is fun to see the shapes that you can create.  But they’re useful, too!  The shelves are of varying sizes and shapes, so you can fit everything from books and DVDs to knick-knacks and electronics.  It can make a great display in itself and help you cut clutter and get your space

Complete Rectangular Block of the colorful contemporary shelves made from geametric shapes of the Tetris Puzzle.

Decorative Tetris Shelves


You could spend as much as $700 – and that’s for just one block! – on a Tetris bookshelf.  Buying a set would be a tremendous expense.  A great solution is to find decorative shelf plans and make your own.  These shelves are a bit more challenging to create than standard rectangular bookshelves, but it is very possible to make this into a DIY project that you can be proud of.

Tetris shelves allow you to make use of space vertically, horizontally, and however else you can figure out this puzzle.  Enjoy!

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