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It Always Begins With Shelf Plans

Where Does the DIY Builder Go for Shelf Plans?

Every do-it-yourselfer learns in different ways and has different approaches to their work.  No one is the same, but DIYers typically love to depend on themselves to create and repair whatever they need around the house or yard.  One of the most common projects, and perhaps one of the easiest for beginners to start with, is bookshelves.  So, where do you find great shelf plans?

That depends on how you learn.  Some of us like to have written directions, supplemented by visual diagrams and illustrations.  Others like to have a teacher, showing them how to do each step of the project.  Still others like to sketch out their designs and try to map out the plans themselves.  If you are just beginning, there are a host of helpful resources that you can rely on.

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It Ends With A Beautiful Result

One great one is the video series we’ve put together from our sources on Youtube.  This series begins with  video tutorials on how to build a set of upright bookshelves.  You will find a series of videos we’ve put together to help even the newest beginner feel comfortable with building a project similar to the one pictured below.

You can also do a quick Google search and find endless sites that can help.  Not all of these are equal, and some provide shelf plans that are less detailed, thorough, or precise.  Weed these out and find sites that can help you make the pictures in your head a reality in your home.

In the first three videos below, you’ll see how it all begins with just a sketch or a set of plans.  It always begins this way, and this step 1 is the most important of all.  Your plans will help you estimate the cost of your project, and will guide you, step-by-step along the way.  The last video is about choosing the right materials for the job.  After these first steps, you are ready to work on your project.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video series must be worth its weight in gold.  We hope you find them helpful.

Designing Upright Bookshelves

Estimating the Materials

Choosing the Building Materials


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