Give Your Lower Back a Break and Organize


Six years ago while we were building our “last” house, I spent endless hours designing our kitchen. One thing I knew I wanted were cabinets

Pictured are twin sliding shelves, both top and bottom, running the full length of a double cabinet and loaded with pots and pans.

Heavy Duty Double Cabinet Sliding Shelves

which were organized and had sliding shelves. In 1990 when we built our former house, sliding shelves were fairly new to the builders. Frankly, I didn’t even know they existed at the time, and large lumber stores weren’t on every corner.

What I did know by the time we built the second house was that I was really tired of getting on the floor to see what was in the back of the bottom shelves. It had become wearisome to lug heavy pots up from the backs of cabinets too. So build sliders we did, and we have well organized, sliding shelves everywhere now, and that’s no exaggeration.

It’s no secret how much I love my sliding shelves, but now I don’t know what I would do without them. Last fall, my lower back was injured badly. To say it was painful would be a gross understatement and five months later, I still treat it gingerly and it still gets sore toward the end of the day.   Of course, that would be just about the time dinner needs to be cooked.

My sliding shelves now have become my Godsend. Without them, I literally could not function in my kitchen. I cook with cast iron at virtually every meal and those pans are very heavy. Of course, like most kitchens, my heavier things are on the bottom shelves. If you have ever injured your lower back, you know how painful it is to bend over, reach out, pick up something heavy, and then stand up with the heavy object in your hands. In fact, usually, you just can’t do it. While these shelves don’t cure a bad back, but they can sure help you function.

Today sliding shelf plans are available and fairly simple and cheap to make yourself. The heavy duty hardware, while not so cheap, can be purchased for around twenty dollars a shelf. If you buy furniture grade plywood, your shelves will be beautiful and hold up to 75 pounds. Now that’s a lot of pots and pans. My favorite is the oak plywood which is

Using sliding shelf plans, this freshly installed roller tracks for a bottom slider shelf appeared to be anchored well to the cabinet floor.

Freshly Installed Bottom Rails for a Sliding Shelf

very attractive and very strong.

With a good set of sliding shelf plans, you should be able to complete each slider for around thirty dollars which is about one-third what this quality slider shelf would run if you bought them retail.  In upcoming posts, we will discuss exactly how to put together these fantastic shelves. We’ll also share many other reasons why you might want to do this home improvement project yourself and soon.

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