Contemporary Shelf Appears to be Floating on the Wall


What makes these shelves appear to float? There is no visible

Pictured is a modernistic set of floating wall shelves reversed and transposed one on top of the other for a balanced yet striking look.

Striking Modernistic Contemporary Floating Wall Shelf

method of support. Your floating shelf plans will show you how to attach these special shelves on your wall while at the same time hiding how they are supported.  This type shelf is meant for light weight decorative items like smaller pictures and ceramic knick knacks.

There are ways to make much stronger floating shelves, but those should be done by a professional or an expert woodworker.  Your shelf plans will guide as to how to make these shelves and in the video below, you will see how to put up a stronger floating shelf.  It uses a bracket into which

Three classic style floating wall shelves of different lengths in an eye catching arrangement for a decorative look.

Striking Look with the Classic Floating Wall Shelf

your shelf snugly fits.  If you look carefully, you will be able to see tell tale signs of the bracket.   However, chances are the during the casual glance at the shelf, the average person will notice the decorative objects and not the  bottom of the shelf back by the wall.




How to Install a Stronger  Floating Wall Shelf with Brackets



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