Useful Designs and Beautiful Style in Barrister Bookcases


We can thank attorneys for the beautiful, sophisticated barrister bookcases. First introduced several centuries ago, these bookcases were

Originally designed to protect legal volumes from moisture and dust, today the glass door bookcases still do both, but have become a stylish addition to the home study.

For the Armchair Attorney A Barrister Bookcase

designed to keep heavy – and expensive – legal tomes from getting wet or damaged.  The style caught on, and today, barrister bookcases are a chic, and practical, accessory for the home.

What Is a Barrister Bookcase?

Barrister bookcases have doors that are attached to the front of the shelves to keep dust or humidity from ruining books.  This was their original purpose, and they are still quite useful.  They are, however, very much prized for their classical sense of style.  So a shelf with doors is a barrister bookcase?  No, it is a shelf with doors.  To be a barrister bookcase, the doors must hinge from the top.  This is a technical difference to be sure, that is original to the design.  You may find bookcases with shelves are exactly what you need.  Those who choose barristers, however, are usually looking for the combination of style and utility.

The first barrister cases were made so the user could take a particular case from room to room without removing all the books.  You will find designs today that are true to the original: they are self-contained and stackable.  The advantage is that they are easy to move and you can configure them in a number of ways.

Barrister cases come in all different styles, materials, and finishes today.  If you want the look of a traditional barrister, try to find an antique dealer or modern manufacturer who produces replicas.  You can also build your own if you have a good set of shelf plans.  In any case, you will love the look and versatility of these great bookcases.

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